About Our Product

“Each recipe is formulated scientifically to be very close to the ‘Prey Model Diet’ which is globally recognised as being the benchmark for optimal raw feeding nutrition. The Prey Model diet follows a simple formula of ensuring the right combination of muscle meat, bone and organ meat- as if your cat or dog was hunting for its own prey. Why? Because what could be better than feeding your pet what evolution designed its body to eat.”

Wild animals are considered to be nutritionally superior to farmed animals as they eat a greater range of plant and herb species. They are also leaner than their farmed counterparts, and as a result our customers (your pets!) are leading healthier lives.

We tell you exactly what is in our foods because we are proud of what we do- no generic statements, you have the right to know exactly what you are feeding.

It’s a simple recipe that we are sure you and your fur babies will come to love.

Current Offerings

We offer prey model pellets- 2 formulas for dogs, and 2 formulas for cats. Minimum order is a total of 10 Kg, this can be made up of 10 Kg of a single formula, or a combination of any 2 formulas (5 Kg of each packaged separately).

Prey Model Pellets

These are our premium offering, our ‘poster child’, so to speak- whilst the ethos of feeding a variety of raw foods still applies these blends are the epitome of a convenient, pre-blended base diet upon which your dogs and cats will thrive.

We are super sure you will not find a superior product at a better price. These really are as good as it gets- no smoke and mirrors or cute marketing angles. Why are we so sure? We do it all here onsite- no middlemen.

Whilst it is true that dogs and cats are both carnivores, their dietary needs are slightly different.

The 2 canine options contain: 75% muscle meat, 10% edible bones, 5% liver, 5% kidney and 5% animal-based fibre from the fresh venison green tripe that we include.

In nature, wolves or wild dog species eat the gut contents of their prey first. This supplies vegetable matter (both leafy greens and complex carbohydrates). It also acidifies the wolf or dog’s stomach allowing the animal to better digest meat, organs and bone. The fact that the vegetable matter is already chewed and mixed with the prey animal’s gastric juices means that all of the nutrients contained are available in a useable form for a dog. Often when people feed vegetables to their dogs they simple pass out the other end undigested. This is why we include tripe (25%) in all of our Canine ‘Prey Model’ blends.

The 2 feline options contain: 84% muscle meat, 6% edible bones, 5% liver, and 5% kidney.

Other Products

There is a small group of people that we supply additional product to (ingredients in their natural form)- this includes possum chunks, goat chunks and dental hygiene aids such as free-range chicken frames, duck frames, goat meaty bones. If you are keen on this product flick us an email to orders@carnivoro.co.nz. Our quality on these items is unsurpassed, these really are top notch- but they are seasonal and subject to supply.