Why Try Us?

“Are you hunting for the very best, export quality, natural nutrition for your pet, delivered direct to your door? Look no further. The team @ Carnivoro is here.”

We offer your fur babies simple, top quality raw food at the best pricing possible- direct from our pristine factory to your door.

We are a 100% New Zealand family owned and operated business and we get a kick out of being the best in the industry. Genuine folk with a passion for dogs and cats, intelligent yet beautifully simple product = happy and healthy dogs and cats.

raw dog food

Nice photo- but what does it really mean? 

  1.   We manufacture in a chilled processing environment- even though the current rules say that we do not have to. Chilled processing ensures freshness and uniformity of product quality.
  2.   Our plant is fitted out to human grade standards- washable surfaces and a hot water wash down system that negates the need to use strong chemicals for cleaning.
  3.   The plant is export licensed- this means that it is inspected by MPI every 12 weeks- factories that sell only domestic NZ product are inspected once every 12 months.
          our process raw pet food


          “Based on the globally renowned Prey Model diet, our meals are crafted to optimise the health and well-being of your pet, improve existing health conditions and help them to lead longer and healthier lives. Our meals only use quality, raw ingredients ensuring your pet receives the right balance of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fat required for their optimum diet.”

          Who We Are

          Megan and Haisley are animal lovers just like you. Haisley has displayed a passion for animals from an early age, as has Megan- particularly in animal rescue. We own 2 French bulldogs- Jemima and Betty- until recently we also had Susie the cat, whom passed away at the grand old age of 21. Jemima and Betty have indicated that they do want a feline companion, although we suspect that their motives may not be entirely altruistic.

          carnivoro dogs

          We are genuinely passionate about crafting superior real food with integrity for your pets- just as nature intended

          Our goal is to create a legacy that benefits pets worldwide by creating no BS simple, super high quality product that genuinely improves the quality of your dogs’ and cats’ lives and in turn improve the quality and enjoyment of your pet ownership by default of you knowing you are giving your fur babies the best food you possibly can.

          What We Do

          “We use whole, raw food ingredients and that’s all- no chemicals, no meat ‘meals’ (ugh), no grains, oats or rice, no crappy ingredients such as tapioca & glycerine, no ‘pet food’ ingredients whereby the animal was not eligible for human grade due to pharmaceutical contamination, no added carbohydrates, no profit driven fillers or hero ingredients used to take focus off said fillers- ZERO! Probably a case of what we don’t do that makes us unique you could say.”

          Since inception in 2013, Carnivoro’s sole ambition has been about giving you - our customers & their pets, a range of species appropriate meals that encourage your pet to reach their full potential. How do we do this? It’s simple – we craft meals in line with what cats and dogs have evolved to eat.  

          We supply you the main building block for a healthy diet for your domesticated carnivore- 100% quality meat products blended expertly to Prey Model specifications.

          Quality raw ingredients supply the right balance of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

          Our products, and our ingredients used by others, are exported around the world, we do not use antibiotic tainted ‘pet food’ ingredients: if it isn’t good enough for humans then why should you feed it to your pets?

          Integrity- Straight Talking

          Yes we could offer cheap to make product, pocket the coin and use it for marketing sub-par blends as premium product…but that’s not us. Your pets would know, we would know, and after a small period of time you would know too. And what’s the point in doing something unless you are striving to be the very best?

          Because of this we have been able to grow from humble beginnings in a former butcher's store in Northland to a nationally and internationally distributed brand. We're a small but passionate team and look forward to providing you with a great product and excellent service!

          So For Happy, Healthy Cats And Dogs Feed Them Carnivoro – Real, Raw, Good.