Canine Game Quartet (10kg)
Canine Game Quartet (10kg)

Canine Game Quartet (10kg)

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lamb meat, venison meat, whole rabbit, whole possum, whole wallaby, venison tripe, duck portions, goat heart, goat liver, goat kidney.

75% muscle meat, 10% edible bones, 5% liver, 5% kidney and 5% animal-based fibre

  • Great choice for dogs that are allergic to beef and/or chicken.
  • High level of protein - the building block of muscle.
  • Long chain omega-3 fatty acids; DHA and EPA - support heart health.
  • The combination of 4 game meats, digestible bone and venison tripe (Low pH, digestive enzymes, probiotics and phytonutrients - promote digestion, especially of bone) is a winner.

Suitable for dogs and puppies.

Storage Condition:

Store frozen until time of use. Once thawed, keep chilled and use within 3 days.

Feeding Guide: