Out Of Stock - Wolf Pack: 9kg+100g Salmon & Chicken Treats

Out Of Stock - Wolf Pack: 9kg+100g Salmon & Chicken Treats

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Superb product- quality lean nutrition with great chewability factor- excellent choice for dogs that have allergies to chicken and/or lamb and/or beef.

We process in a chilled environment- this is unique to us- it’s not just ‘pet food’- we know your pets are part of your family.

Each pack contains:

3kg of export grade possum pieces. (100g-150g size)

Sourced from: Lower North Island and Upper South Island (Motueka).

"For dogs which do not like seafood/fish, or that have seafood sensitivities, possum is a good choice as it delivers the benefits of Omega 3 and is seafood free. This is an excellent food for puppies due to the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid content- fuel for muscle and brain growth." 

3kg of export grade wallaby pieces. (100g-150g size)

Sourced from: Bay of Plenty, North Island.

"Wallaby is one of the leanest red meat proteins-  an ideal choice for dogs & cats suffering from conditions requiring low fat diets (such as pancreatitis). 

The low levels of fat that are present are unsaturated fats (the good kind!) Amongst the best zinc and iron levels of any meat. Excellent choice for dogs & cats that are overweight- especially due to the CLA content." 

3kg of export grade goat pieces. (150g-200g size)

Sourced from: East Coast North Island.

"Lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than traditional meats, goat meat has higher levels of iron when compared to a similar serving size of beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Comparatively, goat meat also contains higher potassium content with lower sodium levels." 

100g of air-dried Salmon & Chicken treats.

Sourced from: South Island Fresh Water Raised King Salmon, Cage Free Chicken From Tegel. 

"Salmon and chicken are high in protein. It is nutrient dense & has a superior Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fatty Acid content. A favourite amongst cats, and dogs that enjoy the rich flavour of meat varieties." 

Suitable for dogs and puppies, cats and kittens that enjoy wild game.

Storage Condition:

Store frozen meat until time of use. Once thawed, keep chilled and use within 3 days.